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Biology of Marine Algae


Biology of Marine Algae

Instructors: Senjie Lin and Charles Yarish

4 credits, two 1.25 hr lectures per week (Tues, Thur, 4:30-5:45 pm), one 3hr lab per week (Saturday to be arranged). It will be based at Storrs but will be made available to Avery Point and Stamford campuses concurrently.

In general, this course will be an introductory level course on marine algae. It will cover diversity, ultrastructure, taxonomy, life history and evolution of marine algae with particular interest to photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and metabolism, cell division and growth, ecological responses and adaptation, aquaculture and biotechnology. There will be a few field trips to explore diversity and habitats of both macroalgae and microalgae.

  • Lecture 1: Introduction on marine photosynthetic organisms: flora diversity and significance.
  • Lecture 2: Blue-green algae
  • Lecture 3: Red algae
  • Lecture 4: Red algae
  • Lecture 5: Green algae
  • Lab 1: Morphological examination of algae: blue-green, green, red, brown; live samples and herbarium specimen preparation.
  • Lecture 6: Haptophytes
  • Lecture 7: Brown algae
  • Lab 2: Long Island Sound boat trip: microalga studies
  • Lecture 8: Brown algae
  • Lecture 9: Diatoms
  • Lecture 10: Diatoms
  • Lecture 11: Dinoflagellates
  • Lab 3: Field trip to Maine to collect marine algae
  • Lecture 12: Dinoflagellates
  • Lecture 13: Molecular systematics: put algae in their family trees
  • Mid-term exam
  • Lecture 14: Evolution of photosynthesis and chloroplast
  • Lecture 15: Biological rhythms
  • Lecture 16: Nutrient uptake and metabolism
  • Lecture 17: Stress response and adaptation
  • Lecture18: Salinity and osmoregulation
  • Lecture 19: Photosynthesis and light-shade adaptation
  • Lab 4: Morphological examination of algae: diatoms, dinoflagellates, haptophytes..
  • Lecture 20: Primary productivity
  • Lecture 21: Cell division cycle and population growth
  • Lecture 22: Invasive Species
  • Lecture 23: Harmful algal blooms
  • Lecture 24: Aquaculture of microalgae
  • Lecture 25: Aquaculture of macroalgae
  • Lab 5: Immunofluorescence and photosynthesis measurement
  • Lecture 26: Biotechnology
  • Lecture 27: Review