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Our research on phytoplankton and algae is fairly diverse in nature but currently focuses on dinoflagellates. Dinoflagellates are important primary producers, but there are also many species that are heterotrophic or mixotrophic. Many species in the family of Symbiodiniaceae are essential endosymbionts for the growth of reef-building corals. Dinoflagellates are also major contributors of harmful algal blooms or HABs (a.k.a red tides), and some of them produce toxins. Their genome is enormous, and their gene expression pattern and regulation are unusual compared to other eukaryotes. Our research spans from genomics to ecology, particularly with respect to HABs and symbiosis. To facilitate updates and further analyses of genomic and environmental omics data, we have developed a Symbiodiniaceae and Algae Genomic Resource (SAGER) platform.

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Dinoflagellate Symbioses

For our database and analysis portal, check Symbiodiniaceae and Algal Genomic Resource (SAGER)